Beyond Paint Remodeling

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Full Remodel Services

There are three full house remodels featured below.  We also do much smaller projects.  These pictures feature the full scope of our work. 

With a little help from our preferred vendor partners this client was able to really take some chances with design and color that turned out absolutely stunning!

See below for pictures before the design and remodel process.

This remodel was completed in January 2016 In La Reserve.

Services we provided were all inclusive including drafting services, removal of a load bearing beam to provide an "open concept floor plan,"  tile throughout, paint, completely upgraded master bath, updated lighting throughout, and drywall repair. 

We will coordinate your project to assure a high quality finished product you will be thrilled with.  We will provide drawings, pull the permits, and coordinate all the trades using our preferred trade and vendor partners.

These clients were on a budget as this is their second home.  We were able to open up the floor plan and update this home in La Reserve for a modest budget considering the extent of the remodel.  Please refer to our discussion about your budget on our page "The Anatomy of a Remodel."

The next set of pictures feature a whole house remodel on a pretty tight budget.  We provided tile and paint throughout.  We remodeled the kitchen with new cabinets, counters and appliances.

Remodel 2015
Pictured above is a kitchen remodel completed in December of 2015.  As you can see, white is becoming a new trend in kitchens with quartz counter tops as a popular new solid surface.
Remodel 2015
Master bath is the same house.  Completed in December 2015.  Other popular trends are vertical decorative tile bands and tile set in a straight grid pattern. 
Remodel March of 2014.  This was already a beautiful home in which the homeowners desired some updating.  We painted several different colors and installed engineered floors as seen in this picture.
Remodel March 2014 More pics, of the paint and floors.  Notice how the paint color changes from the previous photo as the viewpoint of the camera has changed.  This why we provide free paint samples to test in your own home.  The color of the walls/paint changes based on the time of day and lighting conditions.

Remodel March 2014. Paint, engineered floors.

Remodel March 2014.  Paint and engineered floors.

Remodel March 2014.  In the same home we updated the lighting in the kitchen with overhead LED can lights for overall and task lighting .  We installed directional halogen (better for artwork) for several beautiful art pieces the homeowner wanted to feature.  Notice the difference between the LED task lighting (soft) and the directional halogen lighting used to feature this pieces of artwork.